GLE - Gmod Lua Editor

[release]** GLE - Gmod Lua Editor **

GLE is a brand new way to edit and create new lua scripts. With it you can easily make your scripts based on script skeletons, so you don’t have to make them by hand any more! This project is still a WIP so I won’t release anything to non-developers yet. As soon as it gets into a usable state, a public release will be made.

Planned features:

  • Full Lua highlight with dynamic load from GMod
  • Lua IntelliSense with icons and argument list
  • Proper Lua Debug
  • Gmod addon management with SVN support

Features that may be added:

  • Derma Editor
    [release]** Developers needed **

I need C# programmers’ help in this project, mostly ones with Lua knowledge. If you’re interested, post here your name, and I will contact you!

[release] ** Status **
[li] Graphic User Interface - 15%[/li][li] Main Functions - 10%[/li][li] Lua highlight - Base done, needs further keywords to be added[/li][li] Lua IntelliSense - 0%[/li][li] Addon Project System - 0%[/li][li] Script Skeleton - 0%[/li][/ul]

** Screenshots **

[release] ** Source **

Yes, the project is fully opensource, you can check it out, modify and rebuild it to your own taste, but I ask one thing. Always include the Credits.txt with the exe you release! You can add your name to the list’s end as a modifier, but you can’t remove anyone else from it. And also, ALWAYS use the text file supplied with the version you modified. This way people can make sure they use the version they want.

The source and the project’s main page can be found here:

Don’t expect too much though!

Really? We’re the Garry’s Mod community, don’t treat us like we’re 4; we can handle an unstable release for the time being.

Either that or screenshots, but something so we know what we’re actually looking at here.


I’m not talking about the real FP members, but the ones who just registered, downloads stuff, and comes here saying “OMG this sucks, this is not working”.

But if you want pics, I’ll upload picies!

Pics work, at the moment it looks like a whole lot of “maybe” and a whole lot less of “done”.


Yes, as I said, I need developers, this is the purpose of the topic. To gather helpful developers who can help me continue adding features.

I think GLuar is actually going to replace this.

Gluar was abandoned long ago
I wanted to participate, but in february it was stopped totally.

Not really, tons of the community shouldn’t even have a computer. They bitch and moan over bugs untill the creator quits. Like blackops and his working portal gun, never got fixed to have vertical player movent support, which would have basically completed it.

Some guy (don’t remember who it was) made a thread about continuing it some weeks ago. And he was added to the svn.

Will this have project support similar to Gluar? Project support is the main thing I want to see in an editor, a nice tree menu with all of the files organized into folders.

How is this being made (in more depth)? Is it using the base windows controls, or are you using custom controls for the highlighting and things?
As many people have started to make an editor in C#, then realised that the RichTextBox is incredibly inefficient for colouring semi-large files.

The GluaR uses FireBall for it’s controls, a very outdated one at that. Which is why I believe it never totally revived.

The image shows you that it has a nice tree fileview at the left side. And it will have addon support, so you can directly open addon folders from GMod (of course .svn folders will be ignored). And maybe I will make a custom project file like vsproj!


I am using a custom control, what contains the line numbering part and the basic coloring (currently). And yes it is a RichTextWindow currently but I will like to switch something “more cool” stuff.


lilezek made two great updates at the end of February, but discontinued the project.

It looks like a project made in Visual Basic using MCKCodeBox control. I have an HTML Editor I made for myself that uses it. Looks like it could be good. If you can make a debugger for it, it would save LOADS of time going in-game to debug it.

It is in C# (as I stated before), so it is not an MCKCodeBox.

check in the dll releases i posted a addon to notepad++ that gives this ability

Yes but Notepad++ lacks IntelliSense, a proper way to read GMod Lua functions, and so on. And also the GMod Lua addon slows it down like hell.

You should use the pastebin API to let people upload stuff directly to pastebin. Could be a very handy tool Thats the info on the API, btw.

Not really, there is already a mod out that takes use of the intellisense built into GMod.

I’d still like to see this finished. Even if there are plugins for NP++ that do similar things to what this is trying to do, I still don’t like the fact that NP++ has so much, it feels cluttered. I’d like a very simplistic Lua editor.