Gliched models from assorted model places

I will reinstall garrysmod as a last resort because I don’t want to lose my addons and data and such.

This is just one example and it doesn’t happen every time I spawn it. There may be 30 of a model on the map and only one of them is glitched.

Hook ‘glon’ Failed: :10: attempt to call method ‘GetNormal’ (a nil value)

You’re not the only one with this problem:

It’s probably some new G-Mod virus.


GLon is having issues. GLon is an ADDON, people

You’re dumb.
Glon isn’t an addon.

yea ima run a Virus scan to see if somthing is takeing over

I read GLon and addon somewhere. And my memory is shit.

I figured it out on the E2 Wiki page (which is probably where I got the correlation) already.

Also, no need for the insult fuck you very much.

You said that Glon is an addon without knowing anything about it.

Here’s what Glon is:

Didn’t I already just say I figured it out already?