Glitch allowing looting through walls as of latest patch?

Today after patch we had somebody loot our compound through a wall. We were inside (doors closed) and saw “container in use by <enemy player name>”, then we went outside and saw that player standing on a rock nearby looking at our wall still looting the container. The container was not ill-placed or sticking through the wall etc. We thoroughly checked and it’s definitely impossible to loot our crates from outside the structure.

Is there any known issue (e.g. the walls were not drawing for him) that would absolve this user of responsibility, or should we be banning them for cheating/glitching?

It’s alpha, unless he was cheating, small glitches can happen and you can’t blame him for abusing it.

(well, unless it’s something as serious as duping c4’s)

I have managed to loot my own storage box through the wall once… I haven’t been able to replicate it since. This was before this update too.

Someone placed a furnace right next to their wall and I was able to take things out of it without going inside.

Its a new hack unfortunately.

Any evidence to support that claim?

Can’t post the evidence, but helios made something like this I believe. Basically the wall never “loads” so, you can loot through walls.

Very game detrumental

EDIT: yep, watching this guy do it…, he sees red and all the loot inside the box, and he can loot it

I want to bump this because more people on my server are reporting that their compounds have been looted through walls. Is this something just happening on my server, or are other people on other servers experiencing this? If it is widespread (happening on every server), then it is probably a new bug introduced in the patch where people sometimes don’t see all the structural walls (would make sense since the patch made changes close to buildings). If it’s just our server, then it’s most likely this user (& friends?) for us to ban.

I was using someone else’s furnance through their wall last night. Seemed to only let me do it because the person slightly clipped through the wall with their placement, not sure if that’s the same thing OP is describing. Actually, rereading, it isn’t and it sounds like the guy was a cheater, but still I’ve legitimately looted a furnace through a wall.

Yes, looting furnaces and crates through a wall when they are misplaced and clipping through is definitely an issue, but that is absolutely not what is happening here. I wouldn’t make a thread hackusing without such investigation.