Glitch fix - good but why no wipe ?

Im happy that someone finally fixed the glitch with bp and stacks… BUT… tell me… why werent official server wiped with hotfix ? Some groups of people have now like 150 c4 + every bp + bilion of other stuff only 4 or 5 DAYS from last WIPE. Its totaly unfair to players like me… who knew about glitch but didnt use it…

I agree. The glitch was gamebreaking.

+1, please sort this ASAP, the game is completely pointless until the next wipe because anything we do could just be removed with duped C4 at any time.


Wipes are up to the individual Admins of each server. If you want your server wiped, go complain to them. If you’re playing on an official server, well then you’re in the right place for complaining. Personally, I don’t agree. I haven’t seen any evidence on the official server I play on that this bug was abused (or even known). I’d be very disappointed with a wipe right now, given the hours I’ve already put in to this cycle.

The Devs must not have found this exploit to be widespread enough to force wipes. That’s fine by me.

Yeah this was a gamebreaking bug, not only do people have more bps than they should, they also have a lot of c4 they got for nearly no effort.

Take it up with your server owners, don’t make it a global wipe. Some of us wiped our server with the patch, another global mandated wipe would be extremely irritating.

I dont think the server should be wiped but Helk was on Washington Offical server and was talking about maybe just wiping all c4 and rockets on the server so people who used the glitch would lose all the c4 they have. which i think would be a better solution. some of us have spent a lot of time building a base and to lose it would suck. i rather lose a couple c4 that i have than to lose my whole base.

I wiped my server, c4 duppe glitch is still there tho :confused:

The point is not to remove C4, it’s to remove the BP’s that a ton of people glitched to get. Making items isn’t the slow part of rust progression, it’s the acquisition of the BP’s to do so…or it’s supposed to be anyway

Great idea to wipe the c4 ppl have now, but how about ban the dupers. That would seem like a better idea because the groups who made c4 legit will atleast know the dupers are gone.

Yea… dupers should be banned and servers wiped… it was only 4 day after wipe… i hate devs for no wipe now… when someone raid me ill quit this game for a month. Similar thing is why they dont use some kind of antispam protection… London 1 is totally unplayable at this time… I will be more happy if next patch will bring some kind of cheat / spam protection than new clothing.

If you wiped the server it would be unfair to players who rightfully earned their blueprints.

Too many scrubs have gun bp’s they shouldnt…took them 10 minutes took us days…