Glitch or Hack?

I’m just curious if this is a glitch or hack really. How are people building in a area they do NOT have permissions and I know for sure they do not and have a screenshot to show how close to my base they built. This is the second time Ive seen this happen they never even got to the tool cupboard after getting into the base and only 2 of us have the permissions to build. I asked on the twitter account last month before the wipe when I had it happen on one server and all the did was ban the person but they were unbanned like the day after. Do I need to report this every time or is this a glitch the game needs to work on? Thanks in advance for anyone that can clarify this for me.

You can build inside of it as long as YOU are not! So if you go as close you can, you can still build as far as you can reach, It’s a bug in the game, though I can’t say it’s a bad one haha ¯_(ツ)_/¯

its a bug that needs fixed then cause they built pretty far into the zone I walked out how far it was. Reason I have 2 cupboards around my base.

I’ve heard about a cheat doing this working like one of those “laggy speedhacks”. Could be, but more probably he just found a way above or below the cupboards.