Glitch - Paypal

Found a way to buy a key for 0.01 dollars :slight_smile: (Auction glitch) at any time i want
Actually it is just changing HTML code in mozilla, if u think it is only client side, then nope, the value i changed was posted with FORM POST to a paypal …
(didnt buy any key like dat)
Just announced it so developers can know, and can somehow fix it

Someone has stated this before I think and Garry’s response was “Did you manage to get it through?”
My advice is to try buying it for that $0.01 and report to Garry if it actually works.

I dont want to try it :slight_smile: I dont want to steal money, their time from fair developers like HammerPoint is stealing from players :slight_smile:

i don’t think it’s stealing, i think it is more like GIVING money.

It is giving money. Atleast you are paying for the game instead of making a damn key generator.

No, that’s not what I meant. You’re reporting a “bug” how you can “buy” game for $0.01 but you have no evidence that it doensn’t report a simply “404 Page not found” error or something. Give it a try, if it works, e-mail Garry about it and then ask for him to delete the account if you wish so (I’d believe he’d be more than willing to let you keep the account)

It’s not a glitch, just an old method.

It’s just a matter of whether or not the key will actually be sent to you. When I originally purchased the game, it came to me within seconds. Purchasing this key for $0.01, I’ve not received any emails.

Consider my payment of $0.01 a donation to the cause. (Oh and don’t ban my original acct - this was merely a test.) Thanks.

Perhaps the $0.50 minimum is the reason for that? Seems a fair few have been bought since mentioned.

is that the Data Tamper thing on firefox?

o.O Really Ghost? REALLY?

I think you sir might have caused them to take down all rust servers… can’t even access the auction page to see if people are using this currently. Hopefully they are able to fix this (if it went through). Good find and great help, just not sure if making a public forum that people can then use and abuse the information from was the best way of doing it.

Can someone please tell me how to do this…?

It won’t work. Garry has some sort of external tool which refuses the payment if the DATA was tampered. Test before opening threads…
Also, OP has no idea what he’s talking about… this has nothing to do with HTML, “PHP” was better…

EDIT: Don’t you fucker dare to disagree with me, I tested it by myself.

I dont have paypal, i dont want to create him for only once :slight_smile:

This won’t work. Every merchant website checks if the payment that was received from you matches the price of the item before processing your order any further. This method is extremely old and doesn’t work to get freebies anymore because people has stepped up the game.

dude… really?

Did you seriously believe that something you can do using your browser and a little editing can bypass paypal payment prices?

You can pay $0.01, you’ll never actually get any key.

I used “Tamper Data” to try, and I never received anything :wink:

This is not true, I successfuly got some stuff for $0.01, on 2 different stores, but of course it was only digital goods (like scripts etc.)
It will usually only work on unknown websites that have really bad security

at 23:59 you can get a free copy :slight_smile:

U are not bypassing any security of paypal, it is just dynamic price. (I THINK) Playrust use Javascript on webiste which is processed by client, so you can edit values, and send fake value and not original value :slight_smile: So paypal cant know if its real or fake

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Proof it is working :) (DIDNT SHOW HOW TO)