Glitch proof base

Turn glitchers into haters

bandicam ? seriously? but thanks for showing

Lol yeah, tried using Camstudio but couldn’t get over 7 FPS.

Thanks for watching.

Whats wrong with Bandicam?

What is wrong with Bandicam ?

hum awesome but explain me what its does the base i mean

Hey, was there any reason for the double layering on the inner walls other than its 1 more thing to break?

Keeps people from 1. Glitching PHYSICALLY into the base and 2. Reaching through the walls and stealing.

Generally just making it more difficult to break in, I have another base that is only a 1x1 and it too has not been broken in, just depends on how hard you want the base to be against attacks.
Just mind the ceilings, every time to add an outer wall you must make another empty story to the base to equalize protection.

EDIT: Logged in to find my base broken into, but NOT! glitched. Now mind you, this was placed in the middle of the map, out in the open on the high population server… and it last 4-5 days.

I’d say that’s a success :slight_smile:

Another base, same glitch proofing just completely ridiculous in design.
This one though, if they glitch in they will be stuck and have to beat their way out LOL

Cool design.

Now that you can’t push yourself through a wall, what kind of exploits in this protecting your from?

The only remaining exploits this fixes that I am familiar with that this protects from is using a sleepingbag on a foundation and the fact that this forces raiders to go through sodloads of roofs or walls.

You can still push yourself through walls or something (with railings?). Maybe it was the floor as I was on the 2nd story. But yesterday I had someone glitch into my level 6 base and kill me as I was going through my boxes. They also got my sleeping bag as I couldn’t re-spawn on it inside my base. I knew the guy was there, and I was in the process of putting all my items in my inventory to then suicide. I was already locked in my own T6 base via the code-lock disappearing bug, so I figured I would just destroy it all when my body disappeared. The last I saw he was building something on the outside of my walls, but I didn’t think the wall exploit was possible, so I stopped watching him to put all my stuff in my inventory. A minute later I was killed and my sleeping bag destroyed while looking through my boxes.

Yes, railings.
Triangle Foundations and ceilings completely prevent people from zipping through a base.