Glitch report

[ERROR] gamemodes/sandbox/gamemode/spawnmenu/creationmenu/content/contentsearch.lua:99: attempt to index field ‘icon’ (a nil value)

  1. RefreshResults - gamemodes/sandbox/gamemode/spawnmenu/creationmenu/content/contentsearch.lua:99
  2. v - gamemodes/sandbox/gamemode/spawnmenu/creationmenu/content/contentsearch.lua:65
    3. Run - lua/includes/modules/hook.lua:84
    4. unknown - gamemodes/sandbox/gamemode/cl_search_models.lua:41

Timer Failed! [search_models_update][@gamemodes/sandbox/gamemode/cl_search_models.lua (line 41)]

It happens when I search for some model in my Q-Menu, then some icons appear on a left, up corner, and it can’t dissapear until game restarts.

And another glitch, that autoexec.cfg files won’t execute by themselves, everytime I have to type in a console exec autoexec in order to execute bunch of commands.

S.O.S ples.

I’m going to say that it is probably a problem with an addon, try disabling all and see if it still occurs.

You are talking about multiple autoexec files? Cause that’s not how it works, there should only be one.

Uninstall this to fix your problems with searching:

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Autoexec.cfg works on my end

No I mean single autoexec.cfg file. Sorry, just me being Russian.

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Also, I got this problem as well

The map is originally from HL2, is there any way to fix this?