Glitch that puts me under a foundation

Found this glitch in my base that when I log out of the 2nd floor, I spawn under the foundation on the lower level.****

I can get out of the ground but only through the top of the foundation. (like noclip)
Imgur link:

Maybe you should log out on a different area next time :smiley:

No fair! Why do you get a basement and I don’t? LOL!

Man that kind of sucks.

Can you put chests down there?

Not sure, I haven’t tried getting back down there again.
If so that’d be sick.

Yes, you can. I’m going to assume this will be fixed ASAP, so don’t bother putting stuff down there or you won’t be able to get it soon.

If one of the devs see, then hopefully. I think this glitch is relatively new.