Glitch - Tracking boxes leaving a trail showing my path.

Is anyone else having this issue? I was playing with some friends yesterday and they said woah, what is that? I said, what are you talking about? Apparently there are little yellow, green and red boxes that show up under me and trail out showing where I am. The problem with this is these boxes can be seen throw walls, hills, bushes and pretty much everything. So people can see me from everywhere if they just look for the tracking trail. I was running from a guy that was shooting me and I took cover in a bush and he knew excatly where I was. I then remembered the tracking below my feet. I personally can not see while I’m playing only at first when I log into the server, but everyone else can see it the whole time. Its ruining the game for me if everyone knows where I am all the time.

Fixes anyone? I tried verifying the game files already, next I may try a fresh install.

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Also upon more research I found that is some kind of possible debug mode and that if my friend pressed X while looking at me it will go away. Only problem is its not just my friend who can see it. Its every player on the server. And I know everyone in the server didn’t press X while looking at me let alone has everyone in the server even seen my character.

Yeah I played on an official server the other day! and I could see a couple of other players like this! It was really strange!

Yeah its frustrating to say the least. Can’t ever get away from someone chasing me or sneak up on anyone. I tried a complete re-install of the game and still having the same issue…

Hopefully someone knows how to fix this.

Look at this: You should say “thanks” to you admin (only admin could toggle this)…

It was supposed to be removed with today’s update.

Oh wow, well I am no longer playing in that server anyways apparently raiding the main admin’s friend’s fort is a bannable offense even though raiding isn’t against the server’s rules lol. So if I were you guys I would never play in The Rusty Chicken community server. Guess he thought it was un-raidable and QQ’ed when I destroyed it.

Allahu Akbar!