Glitch with wood box are bannable ?

today on french serv we got raped by 2 team KZR and Arche
they reach our windows and roof with using this

link to bug report message with name of glitcher in case that help or something

Deal with it & build a better house next time.

deal with it ok build better house i put foundation and pillar in center to prevent guys to make stair and destroy my wall and get to my box etc but i can’t imagine that people are so lame and bad to do this …

I wouldnt think it is banable, but an exploit that hasn’t been addressed yet.

its to easy even a guys who put foundation to prevent this can’t do nothing make box
get up to the wall then 3 c4 and you get everything inside

Well they don’t seem to be banning the actual hackers, so I’d say the exploiters have free reign too. Pretty sad actually.