every weapon i have downloaded with a scope does this: when zoomed in it gives me pink and black checkers so i cant see a thing. is there a way to fix this?

I’ve got the same thing, is there a missing file we need?


Maybe its because you don’t have CSS?

Oh i bet that the reason.
tyvm ill have to try to get that then ty.

:sigh: oh well…can’t get CSS because I have it on my brothers account. maybe if I C+P the files over…

You can buy CSS or GET a custom one from FPSbanana. the site sucks but it houses alot of good models and etc

what do you mean by i can get a custom one?

go to fpsbanana and download a skin for the scope overlay

o i get it now tyvm


i’m having trouble finding a scope overlay
on fpsbanana


any custom scopes i do find won’t work!!!