Glitched animations for zombies?

Their animations for players are really bad, its something that I couldn’t explain much, but from this thing, I am lagging.
It is happening for every zombie playermodels, burnt corpse, fast zombie, zombine e.t.c

Any help please?

I also got a problem with menu_cleanupgmas, it just doesn’t delete the files and it keeps saying that some something gma file still remains and should be deleted, after running a command, it remains.

bump since nobody replied


How are we supposed to see animations glitching when all you provided is a picture? It’s hard to not see why no one answers if your request for help is very vague.

If you want to bump your thread, add more info to your problem instead of impatiently bumping twice in one day.


All of the playermodels should be facing you, not away from you.

Do I need to post more or something?

Have you considered the fact that nobody can help you? Stop bumping the thread constantly. And regarding your issue, try disabling all addons and see if the problem persists, then enable addons one by one to see what causes the issue. Seeing you have WOS installed, that could be the problem, since it changes animations afaik.