Glitchers caught, glitch found, video evidence and player info.

Location of glitch: Baby Radiation (The walled off gas tanks between the big gas tanks at rad field, and the hangar area).

Manner of glitch: One way window

Procedure: Crouch behind the tank and walk into it. You will eventually clip into it. You will start to get inside. Soon you will make it inside. You now have one way window for attacks.

Video evidence for more info.

Player info:

Please note that these guys tried to change their name but failed to change their site links. Found them from the player list
Steel Bolt
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:35387193

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:76274312

video evidence:

Sorry if my english is bad, I’m suffering from flu as I write this.

Feel free to post questions or concerns in the replies.

Also, to see the glitch actually take place, instead of evidence that the glitch can be problematic, hop straight to 4:50

Doesn’t it only matter if they’re hacking?

Hahaha what a glitch but i should tell you this is not the place to report glitchs as now you have shown everyone how to do it. On the other hand people will now check those places :slight_smile: lol

I’m just hearing a bunch of little kids talking and the screen is pitch black. No thanks, bring it up with the server admin. this doesn’t need to be here

Nope. I read somewhere from one of the devs that finding and reporting bugs / glitches is fine, but ABUSING it by doing it over and over will get you a ban.


This is here so the devs know it needs to be fixed. Hop to 4:50 and you will see the actual glitch.

Which is EXACTLY what these guys were doing.

Ok, I’m going to put the entire situation into perspective:

These two guys claimed that there were kevlar guys at that location, requesting for them to be killed. once we head there, we kill Steel a couple times (who was on the wall, not sure how he got there) and then search the area for more enemies, where we are attacked by a guy inside the tank. The actual situation lasts MUCH longer then 10 minutes, it lasts for about an hour, of us running there, trying to figure out the gltich, we eventually do figure it out as shown in the video.

Nice telling everyone dude; you know you can report this to an admin, right?

I was on a server yesterday with Steel Bolt and it did seem fishy with their base…massive metal base right after a reset also? Also several sets of full kevlar and enough C4 to raid our large base…wood walls, metal doors of course.

This is a game wide issue. Best solution is to stay away from baby radiation if someones exploiting.

Or to just wait until an admin fixes it? I went there today and there was no one exploiting. It’s not that big of a deal.