"Glitches All Around"-The Fix

A follow-up to my previous picture about the glitch that made all the TF2 models look like they’ed been covered in oil. Oh, and Louis is saddened by having to give up his pills for the greater good.

Many Thanks to the talented people who created patches for that glitch, you guys are lifesavers.

EDIT: Bah, Heavy looks badly posed. Sorry about that…

Is that a NeoTokyo map?

Hahaha, I thought it was just me with the tar pit models.

Great idea, the posing of the heavy could be a bit better.

Yes, it’s nt_ghost, I think.

peelz here maggots!!

lol, there’s the “shit brix” effect. You can’t see Louis properly cuz he’s darker than the rest of the picture. And in a shady place at that.

The idea is great though, and I don’t think the heavy is too badly posed, although he is standing a bit too straight to be natural. The comic style of TF2 forgives a lot.

Yearp, i am lifesaver…
nice pic.



yeah, someone does have a script that automatically rates everyone dumb, I got a dumb rating within 5 seconds.