Glitches all around

To commemorate how the Steam Network went to Crap today. Left 4 Dead became super-hard no matter what difficulty you’re at, and the TF2 models are all black and stuff now in Gmod.

Also, Rorsach in the background having coffee. Because I felt like it.

love the coffee

I haven’t had any issues with steam all day, your picture is defunct.

No problems with Steam at all.

Also crappy picture.

There is no coffee anywhere in this picture or in this forum.

Same problem here.
Anybody found a solution?

I don’t have this bug, but I imagine that if multiple people are getting it, it’s some type of steam/addon conflict, and I’m sure it’ll be fixed soon.

I got the same problem here…and for some reason some people don’t have this problem…only the new hats are black for others
you all, go here.
posing is ok.

But in this fix the pyro and the sniper are still broken!

Do not rate this funny. I am serious

The dude wearing the fedora in the very back of the picture is holding a cup of coffee.

That’s Rorsach.

Does he have his sugar cubes with him?

hahahaha. I love the heavy’s expression