Glitching threw walls.

Ok me and my friend built a base thinking we are safe when all of a sudden some people glitch threw the walla and spawn camp us.

Is there any way you can make a base were you cant glitch threw the walls. Please help me with this thanks.

Instead of building walls build windows and put doors infront of the windows. You can still break through the doors but with this design they won’t be able to just walk in.

sweet thats for the help.

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You can also erect walls and line them with doors including corners for a similar effect.

Also, build a ceiling there for extra protection from people jumping on the pillars.

This door in window idea works in some cases, but when a speed hacker comes, you’re dead.

Foundation walls outside of the regular walls seem to work to me so far.

It works better if you put two doors on top of each other. I added two last night and when a speed hacker came by he couldn’t destroy it so I opened the door and lit him up. Works amazingly :smiley:

Question: Could someone hatchet through a ceiling (I am assuming this is a foundation?)

They could, if they’re patient enough to break it or have speedhacks. What I don’t know is how many hits the buildings need to be broken. I think the doors need like 300 or 400 hits. Could someone confirm this?

I think only doors and barricades are breakable. everything else seems to be indestructible.

You’re correct, and to answer Hyttech, no… They’re not foundations, they’re ceilings and cost 80 wood each to craft.

I’ve never seen someone glitch through a ceiling before.

Just watched a livestream where someone hit a door for about 4 minutes and 12 seconds, if you can calculate how much time it takes to swing, then that will be how much it takes to take down a door. I can give you a link to the stream if you want.

It takes about 200 hits to take down a door.

Do you mean two doors on top of each other as one vertically above the other or two doors nearly coinciding with each other?

I’m pretty sure that you can’t throw walls in this game.