Glitching Through doors/walls glitch. BUG REPORT***

There is a bug enabling people to glitch through walls or doors.

I will not post the tutorial as it will break the server, again.

It involves inconsistency with solid structures like walls or doors and interaction between them and boxes and barricades.


Well, I’m glad this thread has a point. You should try messaging Helk here on the forums.

Wow, a report that doesn’t actually provide any information. This is exactly what the devs can use to fix the problem.

Now you’ve told the exploiters it’s there to find (if they don’t already know) while still leaving it a complete mystery to the devs to work out for themselves. That’s fantastic bug reporting.

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Maybe you should also try seeing if there are other threads on the same topic. Like this one, posted 20 minutes ago. He also described how to reproduce the bug, so your careful “I don’t want to give the exploiters any info” plan failed before you even posted, as well.

I have made a video, I will be sending it to a dev soon. I will not post it on the forums, that is to keep it from the community and the glitch going crazy like duping.

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Should I PM it to a DEV? Or Email it to Garry?

You report bugs here:

Account registration on Github required.

Im glad u decided to report it Cat after glitching in to many houses today

Wow, someone tries to report a bug and gets slammed for it. No wonder people are complaining about the Rust Community.

If someone tries to report a bug and it isn’t to your satisfaction, how about be friendly and ask them to adjust their info if needed, rather than lambast them like a 12 year old playing Call of Duty.

What Knawx says is true.These individuals may not know how to make a legitimate Github Thread to address this kind of situation.Approach it as if you would any other new member of any type of a group.Not with hate but expectancy. Everyone has seen this before.It happens daily.Why not handle it with understanding and information rather dissent and ridicule. A cohesive and Intelligent community is created from within and also destroyed the same way.

Myself only did it to 1 house, I know people who have done it more. It’s honestly not even fun, that’s why I reporting it and making sure no one else knows how to do it. P.S a decent amount of people know how to do it.

Implying the servers arent broking, with wealth being redistributed among the poor via the bow glitch. Ah, communism

Hi, you’re new here. Welcome to Facepunch, where you’re expected to read the sticky before posting a new thread. The sticky doesn’t, itself, even link to the github page, to be fair, but it does say this:

And that one does. Not much info on what needs to go into the bug report is listed in the FAQ (“and shoot for the stars”), true, but Github is also separate from the peanut gallery that constitutes the Rust subforum and info can be gathered there.

If you can’t be fucked to read the sticky before posting, you’re not showing the community respect or bothering to check what is and is not an acceptable thread. Clogging up the forums with useless threads makes it more difficult for everyone to navigate and use, and it makes more work for the mods. This community cohesion thing is a two-way street.

the eu server is still broken … some players bug using the hunting bow the whole day… arround 3-7 palyers have all the loot frome u … the support is just horrible!

If you dont get a quick response, a personal response from a dev that they are actively addressing it from the development team, please make it public so it gets the attention it deserves. It is almost as though nothing is taken seriously around here unless it is public and everyone starts abusing it.

If you want to report it directly to helk, hop on my TS, he gets on there pretty often.

alright ill do that, I’ll hop into your guys TS later today.

You got it all backwards, the rust community everyone is complaining about are you guys, the ones that aren’t sable to read the fucking sticky, the one that says “red before you post”.

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We’re not on 4chan