Glitchy menu graphics

I’m running Rust on a Mac. (I know, it’s not dedicated for games, but I bought it for work, and work is slow atm)

It’s an upgraded Macbook pro from the early 2011, with 16gb RAM and a AMD Radeon HD 6490M 256 MB.

Rust played fine on low settings, until the last upgrade. The servers, craft menu and resource pop ups al appear glitch-y:

It looks like a graphics-card related issue, but it only appears in the menu’s; everything else works. I tried looking around if anybody had the same issues, but I couldn’t find any.

Any work-arounds, tips maybe?

Thanks in advance!

[edit] image link!

If I had to venture a guess as to what the problem is, I’d say this is it…

Wouldn’t it then show more predominantly? Or is it that the memory is clogged, and those images just didn’t fit anymore?

I hope he can play rust with this card… Impossible a bit.
Hd radeon xfx core edition R7750 2gb - mine is bad for rust.

The game (next to the glitchy menu’s) is working fine on low settings. The frame rate isn’t perfect, i’d say around 20fps.

20 fps, how do you want to play fps game , multiplayer game with 20 fps? 50-60 is ok, u need new card.
New card 100$
Not brand new card 40$
Its the lowest prize for medium graphics 60+
I bought mine card 1 year ago for 320 pln, its 100 us dollars.
Ohhh you are russian, so i have no idea how much it costs in Russian Federation.

I like Rakija and Pogaça as much as the next person, but to call me Russian…

Anyway’s, it seems to get better after I change the resolution (bigger ór smaller). It’s still far from perfect, but we’re getting somewhere.

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It seems to be an aliasing problem which occurs when the resolution is different then the default desktop resolution. If i play in windowed mode, it doesn’t seem show at all.