glitchy shading error

anyone know a fix?

ok so here is a cheeky compile log

Video is private.


Check to see that you don’t have a leak. You can load the pointfile, and it will give you a red line on the map, pointing at where the leak is.

Weird some maps I have made has a similar problem, I heard it was something to do with how your hammer decompiles the map. I don’t know :frowning:

paste your compile log, i suspect it as someting to do with the displacements not being sewn at the edges

Shading error or just a slew of bad errors. A compile log will be the best solution here

The flickering texture looks like it doesn’t have the ccorrect shader for it, perhaps this is a /model/ mat?

Displacements do not look sewn.

Water not there is more than likely a leak.

Go to and paste your compile log there. Fix all obvious errors.

If problems persist try redoing the problematic brushes.

Post in the questions megathread next time, please.


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something interesting i found out about the water, it only disappears as soon as i move into its viscluster. anyone know any way around that? i tried creating another viscluster to fit the water to see if that would counter it but nothing.

Sounds like LOD.

Also you have some skybox errors going on, I wonder if these will cause the problems youre experiencing.

Stop using visclusters. You have to be very careful when using them. also culling out a spot in the playable space in the skybox might help resolve some shading issues.

fuck, so many people say visclusters are good and so many say otherwise.

what the hell am i supposed to believe in this world?

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thanks for the help guys, firegod was right.

turns out it was the skybox casting a shadow in the water making it invisible.

case closed. :buckteeth: