Glitchy sky?

Whenever I go to load a map like rp_downtown_v2 I get a glitchy sky. I have been told it’s because I do not have CS:S. Is there any way to get just this file? If so, please let me know. I cant play without a sky and with buildings in it… Any quick fix?

Buy CS:S


anything else would be warez, unless you made a new sky texture yourself

So, how would I make my own sky texture? I’m assuming theres a long process involving photoshop and a converter possibly somewhere along the line…

Buy CS:S, if you dont buy it you wont be able to RP anyway


Which i assume you want to

YAY! CS:S is a necessity for RP since it uses all the textures just about :smiley:

So all I need is the files? Im downloading the game right now, ( it was purchased ) but will i need to do anything special to get the textures now since i installed Gmod first?

Once you start up Gmod, you may have to mount them, but I’m sure it does it automatically.