Global Agenda models

Hi there, In my opinion GA is a good game but due to the amount of people hating on it it’s life time is questionable. Due to that I would like to request the models be ported before it’s too late and the game dies, if it does. For the unsuited and basic suit models you can just head-hack the HL2 citizen heads on if you wish to do that. But most importantly I would like to see the suited models over the unsuited and basic suited ones.
If you haven’t played or heard of Global Agenda, you should go to the game’s website here there is a free trial you can register for and/or download on steam.
I am sure I will get either ignored or questioned for the lack of images but that’s 'cause
someone who has played the game would not necessarily need pictures. If you haven’t heard of GA or played it :iia:

If you wish to attempt this I can provide the extracted files which I extracted using Umodel, Global Agenda is a UE3 game.

My most sincere apologies for bumping this, I would just like to have this done.

Rather than making a new thread, I shall bump this one.

I would really think it cool to have Global Agenda in Garry’s Mod. Simple one ragdoll for each class and then just body group every (or most) armor attachments. Provide a DIY texture for every body group you created. Obviously when I say simple, I have no clue what I am really talking about, and do not truly mean simple in the general context. However I mean simple in the context of what to do. Ragdoll + Body Groups + DIY Textures = Fun for everyone. Anyways, I would really love to see this request done.

Flame me if I am wrong.