Global bank system modification

Hello FP,
I am looking for someone who can help me. I am moderately good at lua, but tried modifying this script to no avail. Please don’t troll me on here. Anyway, I was wondering if someone knows how to make the ItemStore bank system a global inventory. I.E if you insert an item into the bank, I want it so that someone else could take it out, without permission ( a thief ).

Sorry for posting some of your code without prior permission, therefore I removed it.

Hi! I wrote this. Please don’t post it without my permission, thanks.

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If you want to request a feature, instead of posting paid-for code publicly, try submitting a support ticket on CoderHire.

Yet the retarded troll strikes yet again… Is it’s stomach filled, or will it comr back for more, who knows? We can only wait.

Additionally, if you are the person I think you are, you haven’t actually purchased this according to your CoderHire profile.

Wow USM, you may never get help again for doing this,
Good job fucktard.

Well, great news, that is not me. That is not me, that is rather instead my friend. Anyway, sorry for addressing you as a troll. It is just that random statement was not constructive, therefore assumed as ‘trolling’. Of course someone who has not purchased the addon will not have any records of purchasing it (obviously).

You still fucking posted his code, you’re an idiot. Message him privately next time.