Global Banlist

Maybe someone has seen this ban list

And almost everyone agreed that this were a bad idea, but should i ask…This was a bad idea at all?
In my opinion, it wasn’t, the implementation indeed was a bad

I want to share an idea that i can build by myself, but i would preffer to hear everyone opinions about what do you think about this…
Basically, i like the idea about don’t letting bad seeds to play on servers, but banning them in the way that hex did it, was pretty bad, so:

Let’s clean the ban list:

Everyone it’s free to play without any limitation, doesn’t matter if you hacked on a server and now you want to play again

Report them:

If i build this addon, i would preffer 2 kinds of people, clients and overwatchers, people can use this addon, but they can’t report until they register in x webpage with your server info
Once you do this, you can report players by using an id in your server convars

Mark players as problematic players:

Imagine, that players have a global score, every time you get reported, you earn a point (Just in perma ban case) if your score it’s greater than x (Configurable by server), then server won’t let you to connect, either way, this just will mark you as problematic player, this will help moderators to perfom tasks

Everyone can check their historial:

By using x webpage, you can query info about your history and reasons about why you have been banned, if do you think that your ban it’s unfair, talk with one of our moderators (This is not a just one man job)

This is too much power:

Indeed, i don’t even think that i’m someone who could control this, that’s the idea about colaborators, but you can find some good peps on fp

As I said, this is just a concept, there’s nothing built yet, i would like to ear your opinion and suggestions (If there are some suggestions) about how could we improve the community without applying a wall to players like HeX did

Maybe a global ban could be more of a serious issue.
You could have an online voting system where players vote whether the person should be global banned or not with sufficient evidence etc before they actually get global banned.
A normal ban would occur but an admin would have a choice to create a global ban vote with the evidence.

This looks way better idea than that idiot ban list.
This would just be as a CS:GO overwatch, so that admins or owner can give a “small reputation” to players that seem bad.
Also some ideas:

  • Configurable option to set how many points does a player gotta have to be blocked on join
  • Only one account per community
  • Account can be either managed by anyone thats admin on the server (reputation can be set by any admin)
  • Configurable account permissions (who can set reputation)

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That is the idea…

Yeah, CS:GO way seems like something to explore.

I am thinking maybe server owners can import bans into local database from the global one manually, or like see what’s was imported and what they are importing, this way they can see if any fishy/random massbans are present in the list and choose not to import that. Maybe per-day categorization or something.

Of course the problem with this is that is most will just import without checking the list out, but this would still add some sort of anti-“rogue admin going nuts” protection.

Maybe an option to decide how sensible would be the database imported, like “Players with score above 5”

Maybe make it so that the banlist can be voted and deliberated on but only by us Big Server Men

Any community based control of bans not within that community is a bad idea, period.

An Owner can report a player who was hacking with evidence and that report is brought through many people and they check to see if this report is legit or not and if it was legit put it in the system if it was not then remove the report.

Overwatch in GMod confirmed

Please I BEG OF YOU do not add this, one ban or mistakes in one server does not constitute being banned from a huge list of servers or made you to seem like a big villian on a webpage/list.

Let’s take this scenario, you are banned in one random DarkRP server for mass RDM for two weeks, you were mad and you admit you made some mistake, This servers part of the “global ban list”.
Then you try to join a TTT server and find you are banned for two weeks, try to join some sandbox servers also find you are banned for 2 weeks. You basically can’t play gmod multipalyer on most servers if they implement this for two whole weeks.

Please do not support this in any way, punishments should stick to their OWN servers only.

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Please really do not make this I do not support this at all I don’t think this is right. Even if it is fair or whatever it shouldn’t be added as there are many ways this can be abused.

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You would have to allow yourself to be dis-added from the global ban list to protect your data rights.

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Really do not go ahead with this it will end up in shambles there will be so much abuse and wrongdoing this will ruin gmod forever.

You mass rdm -> you are banned -> you want more -> go to another server -> fuck it up -> be banned again -> key to mass rdm

Ideally, server operators should be intelligent enough to decide whether they really want to use something as nasty as this on their server, and decide not to.

Realistically, someone from facepunch studios should probably intervene…

I don’t believe Falco should intervene because this isn’t only about DarkRP.

Basically, I don’t agree with you for some reasons, but I do for others, as for example not being banned on 50 servers just by micspamming in one

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Fuck D:
My automerge!

Falco intervening only concerns DarkRP

I know. What I mean is, a global banlist is not gamemode-specific. Ideally, if having a global banlist controlled by the whims of a single user is a bad idea (which I agree that it is), then it’s not just a problem for DarkRP users, right?

Global banlist are both good and bad, to try to paint it as one would be covering up part of the truth

The good:
-Stops continual minges from wreaking havoc on a server with the banlist. This gives the admins less to deal with since it’s a ‘solved problem’. This is a very obvious major plus.
-Reported hackers would also be banned as well.
The bad:
-Players might join a server with the intention of playing normally, but by having a history of griefing, they are immediately banned. Given the age of many garrysmod players, its not an unlikely assumption to assume that many minges, despite their past actions, can mature to the point where they’re not a minge and become a normal player.
-A lone player might be targetted by a group of individuals with the intent of banning him/her from as many servers as possible by getting them added to the global banlist.
-It’s not foolproof. A minge could get on an alt account to completely evade the banlist.

I’ve been thinking it over, and I thought it would be a good idea to have tiers of offenses.

Level 1: Hacking/Exploiting
Level 2: Killing players out of context of the game (Like RDM in DarkRP for example)
Level 3: Actively harming/annoying players, ruining other people’s fun. Like minging.
Level 4: Breaking rules (Things that don’t actively harm players, but still ruin gameplay. Prop surfing, or some other type of passive rudeness)
Level 5: Being an asshole, mic spamming, stuff like that.

Then, we could allow server owners to choose how much tolerance they could have for each category of bad behavior. Dethmatch servers can be more tolerant to #2 than #3, or really complex games can be less tolerant to #4.

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These are just examples, open to suggestions.

Why the disagrees? What’s wrong with having ban categories? Wouldn’t it be better for others to have a general view about how bad that person is? Not every bad person is bad the same way.

Don’t get bothered by ratings, in fact, I find it better to just outright ignore that they exist.

I’m personally not too fond of the whole global banlist idea (for minges) since I have had my fair share of well earned permabans from many servers.

On the other hand, hackers, with irrefutable proof (Videos or screenshots; chatlogs mean nothing), I am perfectly fine with having banned.