Global Chat

Is there a way to make the chat global again? As a server owner/admin I can see new players are asking questions without answer from the other players. This leaves me the sole person to answer those questions.

This new chat system also leaves the new players as prey when someone does see there questions, as the more seasoned player knows they are near by.

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Posted 10 days ago:

I have never even seen I Russian on my server. But I love gankin em in Eve Online. Thanks for the help.

There should be more chat options. Like in WoW.

Wish there was a way to just choose to globally chat with a different key press or something. Like “g” for global chat and “t” for local.

Frustrating that I can’t trash talk people after they kill me anymore :wink: (well, I suppose I can, but they don’t see it unless they killed me near my sleeping bag)

This was always useful in the mods, being able to let the players choose between global and direct was something I always had set on mine using RustEssentials.

I would prefer the admin being able to choose whether or not it is on by default or not, as well as being able to set whether players can choose their preferred channel, that way it will cater for all tastes.

If something like that doesn’t get added in no doubt all the mods will accommodate for it.