Global Conflict Gamemode

The other day I began working out some ideas for a gamemode that I thought would be rather interesting…


Conflicts in the Middle East has put the entire world on edge. No one country fully trusts another. Yet in the midst of all this, several countries have begun toying with what little trust there is. The Chinese government, not happy with several choices the American president has made, uses spy satellites and hackers to gain knowledge of what is going on in the US capital. When the US find out about the Chinese covert operations, the Chinese government becomes scared for the nation’s security. To prevent a US retaliation, they begin searching for allies, and decide to turn to the MEC.

Meanwhile, in another part of the world, North Koreans attempt to invade South Korea. This catches the attention of the British and Russian governments. Knowing they would be able to convince Vietnam to ally with them, the North Koreans send a representative to Vietnam. At first, Vietnam was hesitant, especially after the defeat they suffered during World War II, but eventually they agree. However, they request that the Koreans involve China in the alliance, in order to make a strong alliance of Asian countries. North Korea agrees and eventually becomes allied with China and the MEC.

This sets the foundation for the PAF (Pan Asian Federation)*.

After hearing about the formation of the PAF, the American, British, French, and Italian governments decide its time they intervene. Forming the GSU (Greater Sovereign Union)*, they are ready to take action if the need arises.

Fearing their country would be is in danger, the Russian government makes contact with the US president, requesting to be included in the GSU. The president agrees and Russia joins the alliance. The Germans, still sore at the Russians for defeating them in WWII, decide that it would be in their best interest to ally with the PAF, and after contacting Vietnam, do.

The world stays at peace for maybe a year after the formation of the alliances. Eventually, however, China makes a mistake by putting drugs in toys they ship to America. Outraged, the Americans declare war on China. At this point, the conflict begins…

*Note that names are prone to change.



Rifleman - Starts out with a M16A4
Combat Engineer - Starts out with a M3
Field Medic - Starts out with a M4A1
Sniper - Starts out with an M24
Automatic Rifleman - Starts out with an M249


Rifleman - Starts out with an AK47
Combat Engineer - Starts out with a Hawk Type 97
Field Medic - Starts out with a AK74-u
Sniper - Starts out with a Dragunov
Automatic Rifleman - Starts out with a RPK

The Player’s Role:

Upon first entering the server, a player will be required to select a faction (GSU or PAF). Then, they will be required to choose a class. They must then choose a country and name for their character (Models will depend on the player’s country selection). After spawning, its the player’s job to group with players of his alliance system and use tactics to take down players of the opposing faction.

-> This is all I have so far. If anyone would like to help with anything, please contact me either on here or on Xfire (2stepkarnage). Please let me know what you think!<-


After some debating, we’ve changed the names of the two factions (see above). Currently, the team (which consists of a modeler, a mapper, and myself) are debating on whether we will make this an RTS or an FPS. I am also in the process of making a website for it. Finally, I would like to announce that depending on the success of this gamemode, we will be making a full fledged mod out of this. If it flops, well, we’ll just pretend like it never existed ;).

Thank you all for your support/suggestions!

Model WIPs:








Probably going to end up working on the RPK next…

We’ve pretty much got the weapons and vehicles covered, but if anyone would like to help with the character models, it would be greatly appreciated.

We’ve also got some concept art done. I’ll get them posted as soon as the artist gets his scanner fixed.

CREDITS (So far):

The Team:
Myself (Karnage) - Project Lead and Developer
Requiem - Concept Art
Brokenboy - Modeling
Bacn - Mapping

Special Thanks to:
ReM0cEgR0eG - Suggestions/Ideas
KamikazeKane - Suggestions/Ideas

EDIT: We’ve gotten a few things working, but we’re still fixing the HUD. We’ll post screens whenever its working correctly.

I don’t honestly know what to expect. Good work on the story, but I don’t think you’ll get much out of this unless you are in a BETA >.< ; That’s what people look for. Making something similar to this I suppose, but mines not pure DM or CoD like. I’d make multple gamemodes for it though. Since it does sound like CoD, make all the gamemodes that exist for that too. It’d be interesting.

Souds interesting, but is it going to be Deathmatch or Roleplay?

Perhaps both?!

Yeah sure if you want it to suck.

When I saw the title,I thought RTS… grumble

RTS i think would be a pain to code. i obviously cant say much on that subject since i don’t know lua and all that jazz.

Actually I think we need more RTSes in GMod. This would probably work out quite well as an RTS rather than an FPS.

Yeah, we were actually thinking the same thing. And to be honest, I think that the RTS would be easier to code, considering what we were planning for the FPS. Idk, its still on the debating table.

Bump due to edits

This reminds me a little bit of C&C Renegade.

Why will the riflemen start with the carbine version of the m16 and the medics have the m16a4? Medics would be more likely to need to carbine due to possible short ranged conflicts, where as riflemen often get involved in long range conflict so they would need the m16a4

Thanks for the tip man. I haven’t really done any research on what military careers would need which weapons. Supposed to be my modelers job (he’s ex-military)… Anyway, what you said makes sense. Edited the first post to reflect the info.

I also suggest this;

Rifleman - Starts out with an AK47
Combat Engineer - Starts out with a Spas-12
Field Medic - Starts out with a Ak-74u
Sniper - Starts out with a Dragunov
Automatic Rifleman - Starts out with a RPK

Since the majority of the guns were Russian made, may as well stay with the Russian weapons due to probability.

I was going to troll but atleast you have some work, even if it is just models. Hope it works out, looks like a great concept.

Also another great suggestion. Thanks, Logan :smiley:

I lol’d at the trolling bit lol. But thanks man. Kinda glad to see that a few people in the FP community have taken SOME interest in it.

This is promising…the models look more than average…Do you have most of a team set up yet?

We’ve got 2 coders, a mapper, 2 modelers, and a concept artist. So, to answer your question, we do have most of the team, though we’d like to get another coder, mapper, and modeler. However, development of the game hasn’t really picked up yet, as we’re still in the “designing” phase.

IRL Japan and NK hate the shit out of each other

North Korea hates everyone, except South Korea of course.

An RTS gamemode would be made of epic win. I should totally see if I could do something with that.

Yeah, I forgot to edit the first post. We’ve put Vietnam in instead of Japan.