Global Defense Initiative

Thanks to PyrO_o (SninS_MarineACU) for the GDI reskin.

“I find your lack of shadows disturbing” ©

  • Posing is not that bad, but you should’ve chosen a better angle (more to the right perhaps?). I mean, a marine’s ass isn’t just any kind of ass, but…

  • Muzzleflashes look pasted on and they don’t light anything up, they’re kind of just there, hanging out in thin air.

  • Did you use lights to light up your scene? Lamps are much better.

I used 3 lamps, 1 blue, 2 orange. I’m also unhappy with the angle, but I didn’t know how to capture every detail while at a good angle.

I don’t see any orange or blue.

It’s okay to change position of your ragdolls as you go. If you find mid-way that you are not happy with overall composition, it is better not to get lazy and redo it, than just snap a pic and hope for the best.

Do us all (and yourself) a big favour and next time post pictures you are not particularly happy about over here and request C&C.

If you feel that your picture cannot compete in looks with something currently trending, don’t post it in a separate thread.
I mean, just look at this, or this or this. Do you feel that you’re on the same level at the moment?
It’s okay, practice makes perfect and people DO actually look in the “Want to post your pic, but don’t want to make a thread” and give criticizm.

Have a

for now, as a mean to stimulate creativity and not discourage yourself from trying.

Good luck!

Thanks man.

Pretty sure there were GDI models floating about somewhere.
Made a few pics with them and some custom NOD models out there too.

There are and I have them. One sec, lemme find the link.