Global Gaming Community

We are not a clan, we are a community we play for fun. Any player looking for fun, mature, plain old entertainment then com play on GGC servers. We Welcome you!

* TF2 Server coming soon!
* Need Admins,Web Design/Developer

SpaceBuild 2


You are advertising as needing admins to try to entice people to join you when you will most likely either make a bad decision about who should be an admin or simple won’t appoint any more admins. SMF for webstes, generic and lazy. Either find a web developer aswell as a designer, or learn yourself, much more effective and beneficial.

You could try sending me a private message and we could discuss the situation about becomming an adming :slight_smile:

well i voulenteer if this server is set for a serious buisness! :slight_smile:

Well, thank god you don’t host DarkRP. I’ll stop by assuming that guy who just asked for admin above me doesn’t get it.

I really hope you are a troll.

his facebook page

You can’t have just one admin then there’s never one when you need it :smiley: head on over to to apply

Still looking for staff

Welcome we are a new community(not a clan) We are just a bunch of people wanting to find other people who share our same gaming interests, so be sure to stop by our servers for some good old fashion fun.

We Currently have two servers a **SpaceBuild 2** and a **Stranded** more info below.

[GGC] - [Peaceful] Spacebuild

IP and Port:

[li]No Killing of any sort
[/li][li]Respect Players/Admins[/ul]
[GGC] - [Real] Stranded

IP and Port:

[li]Do not Freze props in air, Must look real.
[/li][li]Do not Prop Block of any type.
[/li][li]Do not kill by forcing props into people.
[/li][li]Respect Players/Admins
Stranded Rules:
[li]Only 3 Trees per Tribe/Player.
[/li][li]Stealing of Resources (food, stone, copper, etc…) is ok no need to declare it.
[/li][li]Do not steal Props - workbenches, Furnaces etc…
[/li][li]Only can kill when defending property. Must use ingame weapon crowbar etc…
[/li][li]Defending Property incules entering ones property withount permision.
[/li][li]Stealing players CAN’T attack so steal at your own risk![/ul]

We are currently looking for:

PM me through FacePunch with any questions.


Join us on steam

Why is your community named Global gaming yet you have a canadian domain name. Your obviously not global.