[Global] Happy New Years Server.

Address: net.connect

Slot: 150
PvP: Half
Activate Time: 24hours
Never reset: we never reset, rollback map or inventory.

Happy New years!
And i hope lets play in this server together.
But we have our own rule in this server.
So if you want to join pwith us , pls read this~

1.Our server is Half PvP

No PvP as usual. But Every day have PvP time for a 30min.
So if u dont want fight, stay in your house. Admin and all of server
Manager will be not care about Crime in PvP time.

2.We have 5 Manager in our server.

They are not Admin. But they have them’s own Rank. And they will be solve almost of matter in this server. Of course except the system matter XD

So i mean, if u want play in this server. We dont care about rude to anyone you are. But you have to be friendly and be coop with Managers. At least, u have to respect them.
They are all kind friendly guys.

So let me explain Manager’s Rank. And we always want more Manager.

Peace Keeper: Two guys of them is Peace keeper. They patroling each area for safe as usual.
And if someone will be destroy or stealing too often . Peace keeper will be make him
Blacklist. Then? That guys every house will be blow up.
So just keep secretly, if you want stealing. Or wait until PvP time.

Public Building Manager: One of them is Public building Manger. This server have Public building.
Church, office, Peace keeper Camp. That buildings built for public service.
Church will be give you Food as free, Peace keeper Camp will be give you
Basic hunt item as a free. And office is trading center for trade safety.
And if u destroy this building even just a part, Peace keeper’s will be

Council: One of them is Council. He could suggest fix point to Admin.
And he is receive some stuff for his service From Admin. And he
is answer the every question of this server in game. If u wanna ask
Something in that server, Ask to him. Then he will be explain to you.

Admin dont want abuse power for fairplay. So every manager agreed about
Do not request item or something to Admin.

He want make Democracy Cummunity server.
But if server have no rules. That server will be ruin someday.
So we made this rule. And if u want play in this server, u have to follow it.

This not threat or whatever. Just keep basic rule, then everyone will be fun:)
But pls repect those Manager. If you think “Manager’s not Admin. So they dont have any power”
You were wrong. Manager’s under protection of Admin.
So just be friendly and respect. They are all good guys:)

And we always looking for Kind good person who is suit with being Manager:)

Sorry for long explain. But rule is really important.
And we will make our little country in this server.
Lets make better world than reality together;)