Global Lighting Question


This may have been addressed, but would it be possible to make the global lighting a bit more realistic. I mean in terms of if you are in a enclosed building during daytime, with no windows, there should be little to no light at all (example all stone walls it would be pitch black like night time). Is this possible?


Currently they’re working more on content, like making weapons, models, etc. and less on polishing the game itself. A better global lighting will be addressed much later when the game has enough content out.

Cool, thank you. I just think it would add much to the immersion/realism.

I have been thinking about this myself only because i want to build Raider Trap buildings, and the only way that can work is by having a better light and shadow system as you also would like. I really just want to hide Bear Traps in shadows just to mess with raiders

Yeah, or make pits they can fall into and be captured for human meat harvesting if they decide to run around not being careful…lol