Global Ranking

Is it possible to add a function that send some strings to a global server

like global rankings

Global (On All Servers)

  1. Player23
  2. Player45
  3. Player54

Local on Server

or for sending bugs to another server, or a formular

Depends what you mean by “global server.” If you mean an actual SRCDS instance, then you’ll have to use a socketting module. If you just mean a shared SQL database or webhost, then you can use a database module like tmysql, or the http.Post function, respectively.

Is this for your servers, or do you plan on releasing the code?

its for a gamemode

Not sure why I got rated dumb, but if it’s for a public gamemode; you can’t use SQL safely.

:what: Yes you can. He’s not releasing his SQL info to the public – implementation details will not jeopardise the safety of his servers.