Global Rating System for Gmod. The end of all mingery?

//The Problem//

Have you ever been creating a masterpeice on a Gmod server and found yourself swamped with noobs and minges who flood servers and wreak havok, tearing you away from your hard work and leaving you with only rage as those final forty seconds count down? Yeah, me too. It would be great if all the bad people would just go away and leave us serious people alone right? But how could it be done? There’s no way to know whos a minge and whos a master until either they’ve shown off their epicness or crashed the server.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, I show you now John Gabriel’s Greater Internet Dickwad Theory:

As shown in the diagram, a normal person, when faced with anonymity and an audience, has a greater chance than anywhere else in life to become a complete dickwad. Since we cannot remove the audience, the only thing that can be done to prevent douche-baggery is to remove some of the anonymity.

//The Solution//

My idea is that there be created a system where every person has a rating that is tied to their steam ID, can be rated up or down by other players based on how they act, and can be accessed by lua so individual servers can deal with low or high rated people how they wish. If the rating were tied to their steam ID and managed at a remote common place, then players can no longer simply go into servers un-known and begin to destroy things.


Many would argue that banning, kicking, and other standard admin commands are perfectly capable of handing minges and no further tampering is required. Just yesterday a new player came to a server who had never joined before and intentionally crashed the server, condemning us all to lose our work. If he had been marked as a minge even before he joined we might have been able to anticipate his actions before he caused any harm.

//The Possibilities//

This system, if put in place, would not be forced to dictate who goes on all servers. By default this system would have no affect on gameplay, but servers could optionally install a mod that would treat players differently based on rating. “Serious” build servers could finally uphold the title by only allowing those who had earned the title to participate, but casual servers could disregard the system altogether and allow anyone. Servers could employ automated rank recommendation based on player rating, to be later approved by an owner or admin. Servers could offer certain privileges to those who had, through show of deeds across multiple servers, proven themselves responsible enough to use them, not abuse them.

//The Technical Issues//

My original idea was that any player could be voted down only once a day so the system could not be abused in order to prevent people from enjoying the multiplayer part of the game, but that they could be voted up more times, perhaps 3 to 5 times a day, so those who deserve recognition wont be denied it when it is due. Servers could only allow people with rank to vote players up or down, or allow anyone to. The system could also weigh votes so the votes of those whose ratings are higher count more. The vote up and vote down ability would be part of an addon and a lua command, allowing people to write mods that handle the system in whatever way they see fit.

//The Concrete Rules//

In order to vote a person up or down, certain concrete rules would have to be put in place however. There could be no exceptions to the daily limits or else people could rate have friends rate them up beyond what they deserve. Also, you cannot be rated up by the same person more than once a day. The rater and the player being rated must either be playing on the same server or must have been playing on the same server less than 10-20 minutes prior to the rating so people who arent actually playing together cant rate each other at random.

//Potential Downfalls?//

Despite the potential of such a system, there are also certain problems with it that cannot afford to be overlooked. First and foremost of these is the fact that it is a global honor system whose caretaking rests on the honor system. Could the system be used to gain undue respect on servers or worse, be used to unjustly subjugate certain players based on the fragile whims of the community?


I personally believe this idea would, if executed properly, only mean great things for Gmod. An era of peace and prosperity is at hand. However I am simply one man, and can do little to make this glorious prospect a reality. It is up to you then, players of Gmod, to decide for yourselves. Do you like what you see here? Would you like to see this implemented or is this harmful to the creative and free spirit of the game? Discuss.

To be perfectly honest, it is a neat idea. It has been presented many times, but I think if done properly, it could become popular. Most of the issues lie in the faults where one could create a server just to fuck with the overall ratings. I have some ideas and I could probably help contribute to the project if necessary.

Never going to work.

This is a derivative of a global ban-list, and carries the intrinsic flaws of one. By allowing the public to decide the integrity of individual players, you instantly lose objectivity. Furthermore, the system is fully abusable despite your countermeasures. Any system identical or similar to this will work against ushering in “an era of peace and prosperity” and despite its well intentions, it will not work in practice. (I’m not sure how prosperity relates to GMod. This is facepunch, you don’t need your thesaurus here).

This will never work because it’s GMod and it can be abused easily. Look at . The main problem is that server admins can edit code and overrate their server. I don’t believe if anything like that will work as planned.

The best system to have is one that is local to your server where players are given a rank given via an appropriate moderator or admin. Everyone starts at the same rank and with every promotion they unlock new limits, or if they get demoted then they’re effectively “blacklisted” and cannot partake in building.

I’ve had this system implemented for a long time and with trusted moderators it’s been quite effective, especially as moderators are forced to use preset reasons as to why they’re blacklisting users.
Obviously it requires someone to be there at the time, but if the server is popular enough I don’t see why there wouldn’t be an admin around anyways.

This could be griefed to hell and back if other PLAYERS could rank players

K time to go buy a few more copies of garrysmod and sell positive ratings!

It worked with MCBans.

Only because with such a high population you get enough idiots running servers.

A system that allows anyone global ban with NO proof is stupid as fuck…

There was a good global ban system for CS1.5/1.6. I forget what it calls but they had admins monitor every demo before issueing the global ban. A lot of work, but it was fair.


It didn’t work, the furfag hacker doridian fucked it all up. The best bit was when they said nothing was leaked. Then the hackers set round an email to every mcbans email address saying they had everyone’s info and all the api keys.

That’s the one :slight_smile:

Was a godsend before VAC sorted themselves out. I mean it’s not foolproof by any means now, but at once point hacks would stay public & undetected for 1-2 years. At least now they tend to be picked up quickly.