Global Weather/Season

This must have been mentioned before, but just in case it hasn’t… how about a summer and winter global season affecting all biomes that cycle every 20-30 game days with a 2-3 day transitional state (spring, autumn). So say in winter, its darker for longer, say 2/3 of the time and snowy everywhere - but warmer and less snow in the desert, outrageously cold in the north, the temperate zone somewhere… well temperate in the middle! Summer, vice versa?

I’m just reminded of “Don’t Starve” where the season thing really worked well. You HAD to plan for the winter in particular, with fuel and food stores. Your crops failed and there was nothing to hunt

The risk here is that if too much emphasis on the seasonal differences and their consequences is added, anyone logging into a server as a fresh spawn at the start of the winter season might as well go find a different server that’s in spring or summer at the time and maybe come back the next day or something.

I don’t know that long-term persistent weather patterns and season cycles are necessarily on the devs’ list, but weather is, so if they were going to implement seasons and such it’d be further down the road once weather’s in and there are more cold-weather shelter/survival items.

Ah you have a point, although thats what the temperate zones are for?? I’d agree, there are (or should be) other priorities!

If you would like it that much, you can travel from biome to another. At least you will think there are different seasons! :v:

what about sandstorms and visibility is bad or very dust conditions? in the desert biodome ! :slight_smile:

hype! Just as the snow biodome!

That would be nice man! It would be lovely if each biome has more cons and pros. Now the snow biome is other than the rest, but the rest is more or less the same to each other. Would be nice to have a somewhat different climate and pros and cons at the beach, mountains, desert, snow, forest and at rivers, creating an even more diverse landscape and giving everybody some pros and cons who decide to live there.

yea , i like the idea my self too, been having a base in the snow biodome this patch and love ti! and you do go thru much food!! not a water issues here! but in the desert you would go alot of water and food! and the normal forest would be both but on a different scale of water and food use, something like that…