globalization and server availability


is it just me or do other players from good old germany have issues connecting to US based servers ?
until the most recent patch i had no troubles connecting to East Coast #3 but now there’s no US servers listed.
i could log into Tokyo or some russian servers but i made friends in the west.

feels like the damn itunes store where i can’t rent movies from the US located in Germany.

No problems connecting to US servers. :confused:

Ah, I see. The US officials also didn’t show up for me… Only community and modded servers.

If you were to use the search function, or even just browse back a page or two, you’d see that there are other threads reporting the same problem after the recent patches, and if people in the US are having trouble getting into US East servers, they’re just down or there’s some other technical issue, it’s not some sort of region lockout.

This is alpha, stuff’s going to go down a lot.