GlobalZ |Full-PvP|Kits|Insta|Tpa|AirDrop 24/7|

Welcome to the GlobalZ PVP Server! Your fun starts here!

• So why play your server?

  • Because we provide for you, all components to have a good war with your enemies and build a base for your team.

• What commands are disponible on the server?

  • You can use:

/help - See all commands.
/players - See all players online.
/share <name> - Share a door with the username indicated without <>, just type the correct name, or a part of name using inside the “”.

/kit - To see all the kits disponible.
/kit medical - Receive medkits.
/kit build - The kit to build your base.
/kit ammo - Refill your ammo.
/kit guns - Receive exclusive Weapons.
/kit food - Receive food to survive more time.
/kit home - The necessary funiture to decore your house/base.

/tpa - Teleport to a player.
/tpaccept - Accept a teleport request.
/ranking - See all possible ranking resume.

The day never expire on the server! The day starts at 12:00 and ends at 17:00.

5 airdrops when 20 players are online on the server.

Server IP:

Just have a good fun playing the server bro! You’re welcome!

Go play!

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Lets go bro!

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Lets Go!

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