Glock 18 Beta C-Mag model or 50 round drum magazine for Glock 18

Do any of you know if there exists a single game where either a 50 round drum magazine or Beta C-Mag exist for a Glock 18? I would really love if someone can make or extract a 3D model of either one but would mostly prefer the G18 Beta C-Mag with a black cover on the back.

The Chinese game “Passion Leads Army” has a Glock with a Beta C-Mag. You’ll have to sign up in order to download the game (be ready for a heavy amount of guessing and Google translating), then you can use Umodel to extract it.
As for .223 C-Mags, there’s a couple of games with those in them.

I think he is specifically asking for a Glock Beta-C, not a 5.56 one.

Was a bit unclear. The question was about any C-Mag, but his preference about the Glock one.
Anyway, the PLA game has a Glock18 with a Beta C-Mag (9mm).

I edited it to be more specific now.