Glock Sound Files Missing - TTT Server Trouble

Good morning,

When the most recent update was pushed out to all players, the sound file for the Glock seems to have disappeared, and causes console errors every time it’s fired. The error is as follows:
Failed to load sound “weapons\pl_gun3.wav”, file probably missing from disk/repository

Now, I realize that there is already a potential fix out there, but have been unsuccessful in implementing the fix for my server. See for thread containing potential fix.

My question now is, is this a clientside or server issue? And would anyone be available to send some help my way?

Thanks in advance,


It’s clientside. Just replace the TTT’s glock soundscape with the raw sound path.

So chances are, most of my players just have to wait until the next update is pushed to fix it? (I can guarantee they’ll be too lazy to fix it themselves.)

No, you replace it serverside. I’m saying the fix you posted was clientside.

So, when I was looking through the scripts files in my server, the sounds file is completely empty. So I guess I’m just unsure how to fix it.

That’s not what I’m saying. Change this here:

to the raw sound file path instead of the sound scape.

So it looks like the only change is line 37? And I’ve changed that, but am still missing the sound file.

What did you change it to?

I found that I changed the wrong file, and changing it to this ended up working.