GLON Error

I am trying to mod darkrp for my server, but I am getting this error:

lua\includes\modules\glon.lua:248: Expected unescaped  to end string at position 113! (Got EOF)

Does anyone know what causes this error?

Judging from the code, this should never happen because of GLON alone. Apparently part of the encoded string is missing.

Mind posting the code?

I am sending a GLON encoded string to the user with usermessages. Is there a limit to the size of a usermessage?

The code is scattered through a bunch of darkrp lua files. I do not get any other error besides this in the client or server console.

256 kb

Why are you sending the encoded string anyway?

255 bytes, not kb

I am sending an encoded string because I cannot send a table with usermessages.


That is probably why then, thanks for your help.