GLON Failing

Ok, so I’m using glon and it has never been a real problem.
However, im getting something strange lately.
I’m not getting any errors saying at what line it happens, but I’ve been able to pinpoint the location using a lot of prints.

MsgN( "Type = " .. type( info.Quests ) )
MsgN( "Encoded = " .. tostring( info.Quests ) )
self.Quests = glon.decode( info.Quests ) or {} // <--- this line appears to be the problem.

info is a table that has been proven valid, and gives no error. ( see below )

If anyone needs more information I’d be happy to give it.

Could you give a print out of what info.Quests equals.

I did, it’s in the first image. ( from Type = etc. )

How about when your encoding info.Quests with glon.

Live code would be preferred over an image.

When I encode it, it comes from a table saved on the player.
I’ve also printed that and its a valid table.
I’m afraid I cant supply anything right at this moment as I’m currently on my iPod.

I can give all prints and code etc tomorrow though.
But because of the time zone difference I think I’ll be going to bed or something when you come online so just leave a list of what you need and I’ll leave them here tomorrow.
Thanks for helping by the way.

Going to bed now so don’t expect any responses for today.