Glon throwing errors


I have been running a serverside achievements addon for a good while now which uses file-based storage, and accumulated over 8000 unique files. Recently I put in a custom hat store, which I also use pretty much the same system for loading/storing data.

The problem is this - Over the last few days, every single mapchange I have been getting this error while it is loading the data of everyone in the server:

17:12:22 Lua Error: [@lua\includes\modules\glon.lua:237] Expected <01> to end number at 64! (Got EOF!)

It obviously isnt affecting everyone, because only one or two people have been getting their inventories wiped, I’m not sure if it also affecting the achievements (If it is, I think the recent update is to blame, since they have been working for 6+ months without issue) and I have looked over the code plenty of times and found nothing.

Any ideas?

It helps if you can show us the script your running.

I’m not entirely sure what could be causing the error though, I have checked the script countless times and as I said it isnt affecting everyone, I was just wondering if anyone knows what the cause of that error was so I could find the issue, I tried searching all over but I cant find anything.

Everyone is saving the same data which doesnt contain anything unique to one player (Except a number), yet it screws up for only a few people out of hundreds.

Once again. Without the script your using we cannot help you.

Your script is the problem, so if you want the help. Post the script, no one wants to steal it, I just want to help.

I believe its when you’re glon.decodeing a non-glon encoded string. Check that out.

Okay, it wasn’t the player inventories screwing up, that was a different problem.

I noticed it was erroring on mapchange even when nobody was on the server, turned out someone changed the map voting system while I was away without telling me and it screwed something up while it was trying to decode the recently played maps file.