Gloria from devil may cry 4

Can anyone make a ragdoll of gloria?

lady gaga ;D

AhAha LoL True!

Hmm if I were you, you should ask Roland since he got some of the other DMC4 characters besides the demons on here.

How can i contact Roland? can’t find him

Look in the release section and look for something like “Soul Calibur IV Taki & IVY” and the first person who posted should be Roland

k took the time to do her and such :smiley:

eyeposing - thx to nexus for seperating the eyewhite and iris :smiley:
and i included her weapon :o

I’ve tried and tried but i cant get the legs to properly move sideways i looked in the wireframe while in game and its not anywhere near the pelvis nothing is blocking it only clue is that the Pivot rotate for the bone to go sideways is Z :o

heres gloria :smiley:

Wow you’re a machine.

you are the best :smiley:

All we need now is Trish :)!

You really need to make release threads for these Roland.

I was only lucky to view this thread.

if someone makes trish, lady, neros girlfriend and the demon forms of dante and nero, i wil literaly cum in my pants

Lady was made:

You know it’s better if you actually make the request in the requests forum instead of on some one elses old thread, in which the person got what they wanted.

I like your work but “roland714” you need to put up a website, your stuff is worth the effort since you already have quite a few ragdolls made.

so NOOOW… Lady Gaga fights… NOW… i’ve seen it all…


That’s great! But why you unfinished Bayonetta model?

Don’t bump this old thread. I don’t even think Roland is even responding to any one any more. So just PM the poor guy. Bumping a thread is useless.

Can Anybody give me a decompiled gloria with her bones to that would mean alot to me