Glory Hole |Oxide| Doorshare-INSTAcraft-PVP-Sleepers-Arena+Prizes-ActiveAdmins | 0% Admin Abuse!

Glory Hole |Oxide| Doorshare-INSTAcraft-PVP-Sleepers-Arena+Prizes-ActiveAdmins | 0% Admin Abuse!

We are a BRAND NEW server located in Chicago, and we hope to build a thriving community along with a few new friends!!! We will be highly active on this server, and will be hosting/streaming LIVE WEEKLY COMPETITIONS for free prizes. With active admins, we are here to make your gaming experience better. We do not and will not tolerate any hackers, cheaters, or admin abuse. Feel free to join in on the fun, and make some new (mature) friends!

Lastly, don’t forget to spread the word! (Recruitment of new players will be rewarded!)

Server IP: ****

Database Created: 1/22/2014

Glory Hole Website:


· Active Admin(s)

  • 0% Admin Abuse, Hacking = Instant Ban*

· Weekly Competitions Hosted

  • Competitions held in our CS-Style Built Maps, winner(s) take home free gear!*

· 250 Player Slots

  • Room for all your friends!*

· Door Sharing

  • Type /share “player name” to enjoy the benefits!*

· High PVP Activity

  • Group up OR go solo!*


  • PVP is in the title, dummy.*

· Streaming

· Active Server Maintenance

  • So it plays “like butta”


Thanks for your time, and I hope to see you personally at The Glory Hole!

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Didn’t see that Daym posted this a minute before me, twas mis-communication. Feel free to delete this thread as it is listed twice. =)

Server population from 5-15 today… please keep them coming :D, we are also giving starter kits!

Everything is up an running just waiting on YOU, hoping to reach 20 by the end of today!

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Upon 50 Users, We will be raffling off 20$ Steam Wallet Credit For a Game of YOUR choice, I know we are not even near 50 users yet, but it makes something to strive for. It could also be paypal. WINNERS CHOICE :smiley:

Oh yeah, baby I gotchu MONEY, I said ey!

Hope to see some of you folks in there. It’s nice and warm, don’t be shy.

Up to 22 player cap as of last night, keep it coming folks!

We are giving Starter Packs to each and every NEW Member, plus recruitment and donation perks!

Hope to see you personally at The Glory Hole! =)


We are GIVING AWAY (3) $10 Steam Giftcards once our cap hits 50 players! Join in today and reserve a spot!