Glowing Admin names

I want to make the admin’s names glow when they type in chat, and in the scoreboard, like they do on PERP, but I can’t seem to find it ANYWHERE!!! Can someone please help me?


I need this thing relatively soon D:

bump…plz help :slight_smile:

PERP use a custom chat system, so they don’t use the default one.

This allows them to render it how they want.

No, I’ve seen the perp chat system code and even though it is custom, it uses assmod and some other fancy stuff to do that. Also other people have been able to do it, he said he posted here of FP asking how to do it, and someone told him. So I am now asking the same question because I can’t find the thread he posted.

You do not need to use Assmod or “fancy stuff” to add an admin tag. You just make a custom chat box like haza55 said. Just because PERP do it one way does not mean that is the only way.

I know that, and I didn’t want to do it that way because I hate assmod :confused: All I want to know is the script to make text flash, and I am set.

If you manipulate the alpha channel of the text’s colour on a sine wave, it will pulsate in and out like it is flashing.

In beginner terms?

None of what he said was even scripting terms, you should know that stuff from school.

Yeah, I know…I was asking if he could re-say it in a way that could be turned into script…

To tell the truth, if you didn’t understand anything said in this thread, I don’t think you’ll have a very easy time reaching your goal.

What you are trying to accomplish does not use assmod in any way

I was using that as an example, I know that all you need is to be listed as an Admin or SuperAdmin or any other rank to make it work. I was going to use it with sourcemod/sourcebans/ULX

If you read this, understand this and apply it with this inside one of these while using this then you should have no trouble making this at all.