Glowing bodies with new gmod update TTT?

so for some reason bodies glow in the new gmod update… is it just on my server or is it for all? and how to turn it off?

Well it seems that if you go to lua/includes/modules/properties.lua and remove the PreDrawHalos hook from there it fixes it… not sure why garry did it like that.

another thing freakin screen goes black when doors open/close just wow

Replace line 152 of lua/includes/modules/properties.lua with:

if ( !IsValid( vgui.GetHoveredPanel() ) || vgui.GetHoveredPanel() != g_ContextMenu ) then return end

as temporary fix.

It wasn’t Garry.

Why not just make it a convar for server.cfg

What are you talking about, what convar?

I mean it would be nice if you could just simply turn it on or off using server.cfg

Thanks man fixed the issue.

Thanks again for the fix so quickly.

You da man!

This wasn’t suppose to happen in the first place, so when the new hotfix comes out, this will be corrected.

-SNIP- Well fuck, meant to post this in another thread

I heard in another thread that you can update your gmod server and it will fix it? Just tried it but I don’t know if it works so don’t take my word for it.