Glowing chat tags

Anyone willing to write up a quick code that displays [VIP], [ADMIN], [OWNER] etc. next to someones name in-game glowing Blue?

Same i would liek this feature

What admin mod are you using?

I remember Pulsar Effect had glowing admin+ ranks. Check the code in the PERP Assmod.

Thats for scoreboard, not chatbox.

Its rather simple to adapt the script.

Heres a simple pulsing glow.
[lua]local Glow = math.abs(math.sin(CurTime()*2))*255[/lua]

And would you use that as your color? Such as…
Color( Glow, 0, 0, 255 ) to get a red glow?

Isn’t it 255,0,0 for red?

It is indeed. The last 255 is for alpha, which you actually don’t need, my fault.

Yes, it will glow between red and black.

Im using ULX

Cool, thanks. I’ll remember that. :slight_smile: