Glowing Hands

Last Night I was playing TTT then I wanted to try some sprays. I created a new folder in garrysmod and put the sprays in there. When I joined the server , all the textures were on low . I couldnt toogle my flashlight and I couldnt go backwards. (I checked my controls and reset them but everytime I started the game I couldnt go back or toggle my flashlight) My textures were on low I fixed that too.(but once again it was for only 1 like the controls) . Then my hands were like this.

I am so pissed , I tought this was my only chance so I hope you guys can help me.


Did you try renaming your garrysmod folder in common? Do you have any hand reskins?

What do you mean by Common? The Common folder in Steam Apps? (Well if it is there is no Garrysmod folder there :p) . No but I tried to download CSS hands but it didnt work. (I have CSS) Well it doesnt matter If I got a hand reskin because the server is using only the CSS hands.

And the hands are not only problem. As I said my textures are resseting on low and my controls are not the same and this is happening everytime I join the game.

Follow this tutorial:

Specifically the second from the bottom about if your Garry’s Mod folder is not in common.

Well I think re-installing is the best…

This is solved then.