Glowing man controling lightning.

You can’t really see the guy. Well you can’t see him at all. You should have given him some kind of outlining glow to silhouette him.

I can’t even see the man…

It looks like an NPC in t-pose… :o

You should’ve put a silhouette like Tibbles said, woulda looked cooler.

No, it’s posed.

I don’t like the lightning at all, its to smooth and stuff.

This looks terrible, it is so dark you can’t see the guy infront of you with gigantic light beams shooting out of him but you can see the other side of the room perfectly?

Wayyyyy to much light. dominating the hole scene.

tesla, eh?

10 bucks it’s male07!

tesla tool

npc spawn citizen

seriously, it’s what it looks like to me

I just won ten bucks, it’s Slender Man.

Copying my pic much?


You are ruining slender man btw, thanks to you I hate slender man.

aw fuck D: