glua-autocomplete - Atom.IO Garry's Mod Autocomplete

Hey folks,

I’ve made an Atom-IO autocomplete package for glua recently and decided to release it.

What actually is this thing doing?
Well, it will provide you with all the information from wiki.garrysmod and offers you autocomplete! But GIF > text:


  • Autocomplete for the following categories:
    ---- Global Functions
    ---- Hooks
    ---- Class Functions
    ---- Library Functions
  • Full Function-Info (Description + Wiki URL + parameter info)

Just install ‘glua-autocomplete’ via the package installer. If you are that one console nerd, you can also run ‘apm install glua-autocomplete’.

More info
There are some recommended packages and also some known bugs (which i sadly can’t fix due to my limited coffescript + knowledge), you can read the full readme here
If you have any issues, please create a new issue on GitHub. This way everything will be at one place :slight_smile:

Atom.IO Package:
Github Repo:
Github Issues:

I also know my javascript code is shitty, most of my time and effort went into developing the scrapper which will be released shortly :v:

Nice work!

This is my inferiour version for sublime:

As you can see it doesn’t have the parameters. Whatever you do to generate this, could you do it for sublime?

Sure thing!

I already updated the scrapper to support multiple different providers (aka text-editors), I will add support for sublime-generation tomorrow and upload it to github :slight_smile:

Fek, but I was starting to enjoy Sublime.

Aw, forgot to exclude strings. Although that seems like the editors autocomplete function? I don’t have ‘this’ in the list

I will check this tomorrow

This looks awesome, I’m gonna abuse the shit out of this thing. I always use Sublime, but hnnnnggghhh. Maybe when it’s released for Sublime I’ll go back, but this is just wow.

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This isn’t working for me. Do I have to do anything after installing it?

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Nevermind, I had the autocomplete plugin that comes with atom disabled.

You did exactly what I was hoping for, thanks a lot.

Edit: I just tried it out, typing ‘Base’ in my gamemode somehow managed to make it freeze up Atom entirely and memory started to grow into nirvana.

Was wanting to check out atom, this makes me want to fully swap from sublime :v:

Patched in 0.1.5, although if you want to disable common autocomplete, you have to add ‘.source.lua .comment, .string’ to your Scope Blacklist in the “autocomplete-plus”

Uhm, never experienced this. Can you try again? I also don’t have Base in my autocomplete-package :smiley:

AMAZING, will you have my children?

On a serious note,
This is a godsend, i am HORRIBLE at remembering the proper spelling for most functions and hooks and this will help me so much! no more 6 hours of coding what should have taken an hour XD

Thanks to johnnyaka, the sublime package now has the same auto-completions!



The Scrapper I used to create both files is available here

I will also add standard lua autocomplete stuff tomorrow

just experienced this with “kill”
i typed in most of it backspaced then started to type it again

Sadly, I can’t reproduce this. Do you got any error logs or sth?

no it froze and then stopped responding, loaded it back up and started working fine i just have to remember to save often :stuck_out_tongue:

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Though it could have been bc i was on an ancient computer at work, it might actually be fine. i will let you know if it happens again

I sometimes experience the same freezing, but only when I’m in the settings/Install-package view. Waiting some seconds normally fix it for me tho

I don’t see it in the gif but I remember when you posted about this in the “What are you working on” thread in July, I remember seeing the blue/orange color to indicate server/client side functions.

Was wondering what happen to that because I am not good with remembering stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just realized you replaced the colors with the text that is found to the far right :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry if off-topic, but what theme are you using for atom? Looks alot like sublime…

Maybe because it’s Monokai(the same theme sublime is using) with Nucleus Dark? :v: