GLua Coding Suggestions / View Arguments

OK what I mean by coding suggestions is when you start typing something, and then if you stop for a second something comes up that has suggestions for what you might be typing, e.g. if you start typing hook then pause for a second it might show something that says hook.Add, hook.Call etc. maybe its called autofill?

And what I mean by view arguments is, for example with hook.Call, if I want to see how many arguments it takes I have to look it up. So what I mean by view arguments is if you put your typing cursor into the parentheses, it will tell you how many arguments it takes, what they are and in what order so you can easily find out how to use something without having looking it up.

The GameMaker Studio IDE has all of these, is there a plugin for Notepad++ / Sublime Text that has these features, or even another program?

Notepad ++ has a plugin called gmod lua lexer. That’s what probably what you’re looking for, but I don’t think you can view arguments with it.

Sublime Text has as well, made by FPtje. You can find it on Google easily.
[sp]sublime text owns notepad++[/sp]

Sublime Text has AutoComplete built in, and it has a GLua syntax highlighting plugin. Compared to the other text editors with some support for GLua, it has the most active community of programmers who make plugins specifically for GMod programmers. I’ll list a few packages that are extremely useful for GLua coding and coding in general:

Package Control:Makes it easy to install the packages below.
GLua Syntax Highlighting
Sublime GLua Linter (Needs Sublime Linter and gluac): Allows the code to be run through gluac for basic Lua syntax errors.
All AutoComplete: Extends the AutoComplete feature to include all open files.
Better Auto Completion: Makes the native auto-completion feature for Sublime much better.
SideBarEnhancer: Makes it easy to manage your files without even needing to use a file browser.
ColorSublime: Makes it easy to download and manage color schemes, which can be useful in many ways. Color schemes can adapt to your lighting conditions better, allow easier viewing and highlighting of different types, and can just look visually appealing in general.
SublimeEnhanced: A collection of useful plugins. I can’t explain every one here, but you can see what they are and cherry pick which ones you’d like to use.
Find++: Better code-finding functionality for Sublime.

There’s probably more, but those are the ones I can think of off of the top of my head.

Edit: SublimeLuaDev: Allows you to pass code from Sublime to LuaDev for execution on your server. Check the thread out for the requirements and downloads.
Also, as for the argument-viewing, there was a plugin for Sublime 2 that allowed you to look at the wiki from Sublime, but someone would need to update it if they want it to work with Subime 3. Another nice plugin would be the Sublime Color Highlighter, but with support for GMod colors (i.e. Color(255,255,255) or {r = 255, g = 255, b = 255, a = 255}), but the only one that I found was for Atom by Wyozi.