GLua Compatibility System

The Church of Hatsune Miku is proud to present: A very incomplete and buggy system for running GLua code in s&box.

The existing tools to import Source 1 assets were real buggy, so I rigged my own together. Currently my thing is even more buggy, but at least I have the power to improve it.

What works?

  • Enough functionality is implemented or stubbed out in order to load the libraries from the Facepunch/garrysmod repo.
  • Enough 2D rendering functionality to draw some HUDs.
  • SWEPs are the current focus. weapon_base basically works.

Pictured: Elegant HUD by ted.lua

What doesn’t work?
Most things. I have conveniently put together a list.


Great job, can’t wait to see how far you can reach!

y tho

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Some people want to see world burn.


Cursed but woke

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Got weapon (viewmodel) animations somewhat working.

There’s no notion of ammo right now and DefaultReload doesn’t actually do anything except play the animation.